OpenChrome Project 2017 Year End Summary

I wanted to summarize what happened with the OpenChrome Project at the end of 2017, but unfortunately, I did not have this blog (Brace Computer Laboratory blog) set up at the end of 2017. I guess I will go ahead and do a late year end review about 2 weeks behind schedule.

During 2017, the following major events happened with the OpenChrome Project.

Most of my development effort started to shift to OpenChrome DRM starting around July 2017. Since then, about 90% of my development time has gone into OpenChrome DRM development and most of the rest to OpenChrome DDX development. I also started to work on a generic DRM for other forgotten graphics devices I discussed during XDC2017 presentation (i.e., SiS, S3 Savage, Trident, Matrox G series, ATI Technologies RAGE 128, etc.), but that work has somewhat stalled towards end of the year.


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