My first foray into running OpenChrome DRM on Wyse Cx0 thin client

So, how did it go? Well, it did not work. But thankfully, it was due to an initialization bug of OpenChrome DRM. I was able to read kern.log located at /var/log/ and that appears to be the case. In other words, the issue is fixable. The version of OpenChrome DRM I tried is Version 3.0.57. This is the current bleeding edge of drm-next-4.13 branch.

I wanted to get a confirmation that this USB flash storage device is going to work with OpenChrome DRM, so I sticked into another computer with ECS VX900-I mainboard. Fortunately, it worked like a regular computer with a hard drive / SSD. I tested standby resume, and unfortunately, the display (VGA) got disrupted. It appears to be a fixable bug.

From my own testing, I got OpenChrome DRM to work on VX800 chipset based mainboard called VIA EPIA-M830. I will assume that OpenChrome DRM was not really tested on VX855 chipset by the previous developer, and I will need to go fix the bug down the road.


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