Other OpenChrome DRM issues I will need to take care next

Now that basic functionalities like standby resume and runtime screen resolution change are working reliably, these are the remaining issues of OpenChrome DRM I need to take care of.

I will categorize the issues by type.

Device Support:

  • Add support for VIA Technologies VT1632(A) TMDS transmitter for DVI
  • Add support for Silicon Image SiI 164 TMDS transmitter for DVI



  • Temporary corruption of hardware cursor right after standby resume (annoying)
  • Corrupted display when VX900 chipset’s integrated HDMI is connected to an HDMI TV


Undesirable Behavior:

  • Hardware cursor stays on after switching to a VT (Virtual Terminal) screen


Code Development:

  • Replace the previous developer written GEM / TTM code with a newly rewritten one


Administrative Issues (Linux kernel tree mainlining issues):

  • Convert file names starting with via_*.* to openchrome_*.*
  • Convert functions and variables starting with via_* to openchrome_*
  • Convert white spaces to tabs
  • Removal of fencing related code written by the previous developer

If I can get through these issues, then I think OpenChrome DRM is ready for Linux kernel mainline inclusion. If the DRM maintainer insists on universal plane and atomic mode setting support, then this is when I will go implement them.


1 thought on “Other OpenChrome DRM issues I will need to take care next

  1. I appreciate your work on via’s graphic chip. I have pico-itx mb with via chrome 9 hd igp and
    am currently running win7 on it as I haven’t been able to get linux with X running on it
    probably since fedora 18 or so.

    Even with the window drivers there is no opengl so I cannot run stellarium.

    Thank you!


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