Updating the code inside drm-next-4.17 branch soon so that it will compile successfully

One of the thing I do not really like about updating the drm-openchrome repository (the official repository for OpenChrome DRM) is that every time I pull in new code from DRM maintainer’s drm-next branch, I need to go make small changes related to GEM, TTM, or FBCON. I wish developers refrain from updating these components literally every Linux kernel development cycle. If they need to make changes, every 3 to 5 Linux kernel minor version will be nice (i.e., Linux 4.9 to Linux 4.14). Since the days of Linux 4.13, I had to make these type of changes every time I updated the Linux kernel.

Anyway, I had to spend several days on this issue and I do now have a patch that will allow OpenChrome DRM to compile against Linux 4.16. I have not tested the code yet (I am compiling the kernel right now as I write this blog post.), so it might take a day or two before the code is updated. Remember, I use VIA Technologies C7-M 1.2 GHz processor to compile the Linux kernel.

drm-next-4.17 branch will soon be EOL and I will move the development to drm-next-4.18 branch.


2 thoughts on “Updating the code inside drm-next-4.17 branch soon so that it will compile successfully

    • Hi s3boun3t,

      I do have faster processors, but for personal reasons, I primarily develop OpenChrome on HP 2133 Mini-Note (VIA C7-M and VN896 chipset) since it is a laptop.
      Obviously, Intel Core 2 Duo + VN896 would have been nicer since Core 2 Duo is so much faster than C7-M.


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