How to get OpenChrome working on Debian 9

I got a user asking about having issues getting OpenChrome to work properly on Debian 9. The thing is, since Linux 4.5 kernel, vesafb, viafb, and vt8623fb frame buffer device drivers conflict with OpenChrome DDX, hence, they need to be blacklisted. In order to do this, you need to edit blacklist-framebuffer.conf configuration file located under /etc/modprobe.d/ as a root.

. . .
#blacklist tridentfb
#blacklist vesafb
#blacklist vfb
#blacklist viafb
#blacklist vt8623fb
#blacklist udlfb

Remove # before blacklist to blacklist the device driver. Do this for vesafb, viafb, and even vt8623fb. Reboot the computer and OpenChrome should be working.




2 thoughts on “How to get OpenChrome working on Debian 9

  1. On an Everex NC1502 with P4M900 Chrome9 and Debian9.4/Arch32, blacklisting vesafb, viafb and vt8623fb does not work. I additionally tried with kernel parameter nomodeset and in Debian , it locks up. with no Xorg.0.log on subsequent reboot.

    In Arch32, (kernel 4.16) nomodeset, I would get an Xorg.0.log but no Screen found. After a generic xorg.conf.d/15-openchome.conf, screens were found but not deemed usable. I can still run OpenBSD (openchrome 0.296) and NetBSD (openchrome 0.3.3).

    The NC1502, originally came with a LinuxOS..


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