Status of OpenChrome Project (April 2018)

April 2018 was a modest month for the OpenChrome Project.

Following the successful March 2018, I went for implementing VIA Technologies VT1632(A) DVI transmitter support for OpenChrome DRM. While the feasibility experiment and coding portion took about 2 1/2 weeks, I could not figure out how to resolve the weird blue color issue, so the code did not get committed into the upstream repository. This is so weird because I was able to get integrated DVI transmitter for CX700 / VX700 / VX800 chipset to working fairly easily while back. This branch is now put on hold for the time being.

While the external DVI transmitter support is now put on hold, I still need to move the project forward, so I worked on the long overdue renaming of OpenChrome DRM .c and .h files.

While this does not seem important, I also figured out how to get Averatec 3250 laptop (KN400 chipset) to resume from standby. I just wanted to know how to do this just for testing OpenChrome DDX mode setting code to cope with standby resume. Fortunately, the latest OpenChrome DDX mode setting code can handle the flat panel reinitialization properly.

I have not posted a detailed blog post yet, but two of my A DATA Ultimate SU800 SSD (128 GB model and 256 GB model) died in a span of a week. The 128 GB model just died early this morning. 256 GB model died last week. 256 GB model always had issues. Both were virtually used exclusively inside the reliable HP 2133 Mini-Note. Unfortunately, the 128 GB model had the unfinished rewrite of GEM / TTM code. I will likely have to rewrite the code from scratch. Next time, I will store such important code inside the reliable SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 flash storage (it is rather expensive, but comes with a lifetime warranty, so it is worth the money). I am disappointed with the quality of ADATA SSD products. I will write more about this soon.


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