Silicon Image SiI 164 DVI transmitter device support officially added to OpenChrome DRM

Well, it only took one day to do this. While watching Golden State Warriors beat down Houston Rockets mercilessly in the 4th quarter, I was also adding Silicon Image SiI 164 support to OpenChrome DRM. Here is the commit. Since VIA Technologies VT1632(A) is a 99% clone of SiI 164, the code I wrote for VT1632(A) was copied with small modifications to handle SiI 164. I do not know if it works since I do not have the equipment to test it. If someone knows how to compile Linux kernel and owns HP t5550, t5565, t5570, or t510, please test the code.

This will likely be the last device support added to OpenChrome DRM prior to getting it mainlined within the Linux kernel tree. I will talk about getting the code mainlined in the Linux kernel tree in the next post.


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