xf86-video-r128 Version 6.11 released

I released xf86-video-r128 DDX for ATI Technologies RAGE 128 sometime yesterday.  It is a bug fix release where some RAGE 128 Pro cards get their VGA mistakenly recognized as DVI.  Worse, EDID (Extended Display Identification) based automatic detection of display was not working properly, and this was leading to the display complaining about “out of range” display signal being sent from the graphics chip.  This situation required the user to specify the monitor refresh rate inside xorg.conf.  With this release, there is no longer the need to do this.

At least the fix I committed fixes one bug, and there has been no new release for a while, so I just went ahead and released a new one.  Starting with Version 6.11, I will be changing the version naming convention, and patch level (i.e., the third number) will be going up more frequently as I rewrite / add new code.  For the next few months, most of my development effort for RAGE 128 DDX will be to stabilize the existing DDX UMS (User Mode Setting) code.

As of Version 6.11 release, the code contains these two major issues.

  • Standby resume freezes the computer upon resume
  • Occasional display of junk on the screen (i.e., when scrolling within a window or dragging a window)

I am actively working on both issues, but have not found the solution to the issues yet.

Anyway, if you support my work fixing and enhancing abandoned old graphics device drivers, please consider a small donation through my donation link here.


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