Regarding the rewrite of GEM / TTM memory allocator

Some of you who have been monitoring the development of OpenChrome graphics stack may have noticed the slow down in the development over the past few months.  To be honest, there were some personal reasons for this, but I will not want to go into details.  The other reason why the development pace has slowed down is due to myself forcing to work solely on the new GEM / TTM memory allocator as discussed in this blog post.  I am working on this matter slowly since I am trying to understand what the code will be doing before I write the code.


3 thoughts on “Regarding the rewrite of GEM / TTM memory allocator

  1. I really follow the development. Its great! Huge thanks for your work on the r128 and openchrome. There are many users in Africa that dont have the knowledge for this and use more and more Linux. Thanks to people like you they can run Linux as simple as possible on any computer they get there for free. Free Internet access for every human. Thanks!


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