xf86-video-i128 Version 1.4 released

Here is the announcement post.  I do understand that the hardware itself is about 20 years old, but at least I want the code itself to compile without compilation warnings, so I decided to release a new version.  The code can be compiled without compilation warnings even with the -Wall option added to the compilation script.

To be honest, I did not really test the code with the real hardware prior to the release.  I did purchase one PCI and one AGP version of Number Nine Imagine 128 from now defunct WeirdStuff Warehouse, but I do not have immediate access to it.  It is probably in one of my boxes full of graphics cards.  After all, there is a reason why this blog is called Brace Computer Laboratory blog.

Off topic, but considering what Google did to WeirdStuff Warehouse, I honestly will never, ever want to work for Google.  Not that that will ever happen since it is very, very hard to get interviews from them unless one graduated from a top tier university. (I have applied to several of their FPGA design related positions last year, but never got even a phone interview.)  Some of the area large tech corporations are becoming ever more predatory when it comes to gobbling up office space around the South Bay Area.  I am not against large corporations expanding, but please do so without disrupting long term tenants like WeirdStuff Warehouse.  I really hate seeing South Bay Area institution getting put out of business like this.

1 thought on “xf86-video-i128 Version 1.4 released

  1. You wrote “I do understand that the hardware itself is about 20 years old, but at least I want the code itself to compile without compilation warnings”

    I also want hardware that can run on fully free Software to run without problems as good as the hardware could. Compilation warnings, outdated gcc functions and so on should be removed before a even more recent gcc version kills the functionality. I am not against future gcc work. I would simply like to see Software still beeing maintained when the Hardware can still be used.

    Thanks a lot for your great work. I wish you merry chistmas. Your free software work is one of my best presets i got for christmas 🙂


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