xf86-video-i128 Version 1.4 released

Here is the announcement post.  I do understand that the hardware itself is about 20 years old, but at least I want the code itself to compile without compilation warnings, so I decided to release a new version.  The code can be compiled without compilation warnings even with the -Wall option added to the compilation script.

To be honest, I did not really test the code with the real hardware prior to the release.  I did purchase one PCI and one AGP version of Number Nine Imagine 128 from now defunct WeirdStuff Warehouse, but I do not have immediate access to it.  It is probably in one of my boxes full of graphics cards.  After all, there is a reason why this blog is called Brace Computer Laboratory blog.

Off topic, but considering what Google did to WeirdStuff Warehouse, I honestly will never, ever want to work for Google.  Not that that will ever happen since it is very, very hard to get interviews from them unless one graduated from a top tier university. (I have applied to several of their FPGA design related positions last year, but never got even a phone interview.)  Some of the area large tech corporations are becoming ever more predatory when it comes to gobbling up office space around the South Bay Area.  I am not against large corporations expanding, but please do so without disrupting long term tenants like WeirdStuff Warehouse.  I really hate seeing South Bay Area institution getting put out of business like this.

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