xf86-video-chips Version 1.3 released

Here is the announcement.  I do not really have a functional laptop that has a Chips & Technologies (C&T) graphics chip, so I have no idea if the code even works. You probably have to resort to using PuppyLinux, in order to run xf86-video-chips since laptops that had C&T graphics chip typically did not support more than 256 MB of main memory.  As I recall, there were some C&T graphics chip desktop PCI graphics cards, mainly for the embedded market.  I almost kept a PCI graphics with a C&T chip I purchased over at the now defunct WeirdStuff Warehouse (thanks Google for gobbling up all the real estate around Mountain View and neighboring cities like Sunnyvale), but returned it since the VGA output did not work without running through some kind of a special utility to turn on the VGA.  This particular card had some sort of FP support, and apparently, supporting VGA was an afterthought to the card manufacturer.  I may have bought a different C&T chip graphics card probably within a year of the WeirdStuff Warehouse closure, but I am not 100% sure about it.


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