XDC 2019 is coming up in a few days

For those who have been following my open source graphics stack development effort, XDC 2019 (X.Org Developer’s Conference 2019) is coming up in several days.  I am working hard (i.e., long hours) trying to get more of the OpenChrome DRM code working before the presentation, but I will have to reduce the hours in order to prepare presentation slides for 2 Lightning Talk sessions I will be speaking for.

Originally, the organizers were trying to combine the 2 presentations into one, but apparently have backed off trying to do so.  The original rational was that 2 presentations are similar in nature, so I should be able to do it in one session, but I did not really like that since I can easily spend 5 minutes on OpenChrome Project itself.

Most of the talk during the update on OpenChrome Project will obviously be dedicated to the development status of OpenChrome DRM, but I will go over the status of OpenChrome DDX Version 0.7 code as well.

Regarding the second presentation (the vintage or “underserved” graphics hardware one), I will go over the personal origin of the word “underserved.” (It is not yet a dictionary term.)  I will explain where I first heard the term, and explain why I felt that the use of this term with regards to older generation graphics hardware perfectly describes the situation.

I am not sure if my presentation will be on Wednesday (October 2nd) or Friday (October 4th), but regardless it will be in the later afternoon hours.


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