Some thoughts on donating to Brace Computer Laboratory

I am sure talking about money issues is not something visitors of this blog like to see, but I will like elaborate regarding this issue.

I started to work on OpenChrome one way or another sometime in Year 2015. If I remember it correctly, I bought a cheap (i.e., inexpensive) VIA chipset based laptop in early 2015 off of ebay for about $20 including shipping. It contained VIA C7-M processor and VN896 chipset (mobile version of P4M900 chipset). Soon, I realized that OpenChrome DDX does not really handle standby resume very well, so I wanted to fix that and move on. In my opinion, OpenChrome DDX’s code was not in a very good shape, so I started to fix various issues along the way. That’s how I got into developing OpenChrome, and I have continued working on it ever since.

I set up this blog, along with a PayPal donation link recently, in the hopes of monetizing the hard work I have put into the OpenChrome Project since Year 2015. If you have noticed that your VIA Chrome IGP based laptop’s flat panel is working after resuming from standby, that’s very likely because I fixed a lot of those issues (it is still not perfect, but it works with many more models than the past) since I took over developing OpenChrome. If you have noticed that your VIA chipset based thin client’s DVI port is now working, I resolved several remaining issues related to the chip (i.e., VIA Technologies VT1632A and Silicon Image SiI 164) used for the DVI port. Perhaps, you are an enterprise thin client user, and the improved reliability of OpenChrome allowed your firm to put off replacing VIA chipset based thin client for several more years, perhaps that is because I put in a lot of effort into improving OpenChrome. If these cases applies to you, it is highly appreciated if you can donate some money for all the hard work I have put into the OpenChrome Project.

Monetary donation does encourage me to continue working on improving OpenChrome, such as eventually bringing OpenChrome DRM into the Linux kernel tree (this year or next). I am an unusual developer who works on developing code for the underserved (i.e., old and neglected) graphics devices, and if you think about it, I am likely the only one who does this (most FOSS graphics stack developers are employed by major corporations like Intel, AMD, Red Hat, VMware, Google, etc.).

If you decided to donate some money to further develop the underserved graphics devices graphics stack, again, here is the PayPal donation link. If you have already donated to Brace Computer Laboratory, I appreciate the financial support I have received from you.

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