Updates on ADATA Ultimate SU800 SSD on HP 2133 Mini-Note

Okay, I have some updates on ADATA Ultimate SU800 SSD since I upgraded the firmware. Unfortunately, the firmware upgrade did not fix the issue of the SSD suddenly disappearing during heavy use. Since the previous post, I have had numerous cases of the SSD disappearing during Linux kernel compilation. Although it is possible that faulty hardware can be the case, I suspect the issue to be firmware or heat related.

These are some strange behaviors I have seen from ADATA Ultimate SU800 SSD 256 GB model.

  • It happens randomly (usually when it is subjected to heavy use)
  • The device remains unresponsive even after a cold boot if the computer is turned back on within 10 seconds (it is okay if I keep off for more than 15 seconds)
  • Have experienced the SSD getting lost after standby resume multiple times

Using a disk utility, the SSD reported temperature to be around 50 degrees Celsius for HP 2133 Mini-Note. Please note that I have not experienced any noticeable data loss. It appears that Micron Technology’s floating gate based 3D NAND Flash memory is holding up pretty well. I think the issue might be with Silicon Motion’s SSD controller.

My personal suggestions to people thinking of buying ADATA Ultimate SU800 SSD is to stay away from this model. I do not think it is worth the trouble I have experienced with it.


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