Mostly fixed OpenChrome DRM hardware cursor (with a minor regression . . .)

While it is true that resurrecting ADATA Ultimate SU800 SSD 256 GB model took some time away from OpenChrome DRM development, I have also been working on fixing hardware cursor related issues. I tried various schemes, but I still could not get hardware cursor to behave correctly when I was in a dual head mode.

Eventually, I came up with an implementation of turning off the hardware cursor during mode setting, but turning it right back on when the associated input device is touched. While this implementation is not perfect, it actually has a “nice” side effect of not leaving the hardware cursor on after switching to VT (Virtual Terminal). The downside to this implementation is that right after standby resume, the hardware cursor will be turned off, but again, if you move the associated input device, it will come back on.

I also figured out the reason why I was seeing a corrupted hardware cursor on the screen right after standby resume, and put in a fix for it.

So now, I resolved two issues of the TODO list. I will start working on supporting external DVI transmitters (SiI 164 and VT1632(A)) next.


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