Status of OpenChrome DRM (March 2018)

March 2018 was a huge month for OpenChrome Project.

I was able to finally fix the long standing (15+ months . . .) bug of X Server crashing when the screen resolution is changed during runtime. In addition to that, I was also able to fix two hardware cursor related issues.

I will start working on adding support for VIA Technologies VT1632(A) and Silicon Image SiI 164 DVI transmitters during the month of April. After those devices are supported, OpenChrome DDX’s UMS (User Mode Setting) and OpenChrome DRM’s KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) will have comparable device support. That will bring it closer to maintaining within the Linux kernel.

In addition to that, drm-next-4.17 branch pulled in Linux 4.16 rc7 kernel. OpenChrome DRM will not compile for now due to the changes made to GEM and TTM. I hope to resolve this issue soon.


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