Taking a break from OpenChrome Project development work

I have been working on OpenChrome graphics stack development virtually non-stop for the past 2 1/2 years. I do recall taking a one week break a week prior to XDC2017 to prepare presentation slides. As I recall those days, I just succeeded in porting OpenChrome DRM to Linux 4.13, and I had only one week to prepare for the presentation. If you happened to go through my commit history, there are times when I didn’t commit for weeks. The reality is that I cannot make commits every week since there are times when it takes several weeks to analyze what is going on, write the code, and test the code. This was the case when I finally succeeded in supporting VIA Technologies VT1632(A) DVI Transmitter for OpenChrome DRM, and that took 8 weeks.

Due to the enormous amount of time I have been spending on developing OpenChrome graphics stack for the past 3 years, I have put developing other underserved graphics stacks on the backburner. In fact it is worse than that to the point that there is no heat being applied to these underserved graphics stacks. Starting today, I will start devoting more time to develop a reusable DRM module for the underserved graphics stacks.

I also plan to devote some time into writing tutorials about compiling OpenChrome graphics stack (DDX and DRM), and other general useful tips. I expect the break to last about two weeks.


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