Status of OpenChrome Project (May 2018)

May 2018 went by pretty fast since all kind of things happened in my life, and not all of them were pleasant. Anyway, did make some solid progress with the OpenChrome Project.

After a modest April, I finally figured out why the newly written (borrowing portions written in Year 2016 by me for OpenChrome DDX) VIA Technologies VT1632(A) DVI transmitter code for OpenChrome DRM was not working. Now, it is working well with full standby resume support. Here is the post on that.

Based on the VT1632(A) code and the proven OpenChrome DDX code, I also went ahead and added Silicon Image SiI 164 DVI transmitter support to OpenChrome DRM. Here is the post on that. The code is untested.

Then, I went ahead and solicited opinions on how to get OpenChrome DRM mainlined inside the Linux kernel tree. Here is my post and here is the reply.

Although I announced that I will like to take a break from OpenChrome Project related development to work on DRM for underserved graphics devices, I was still working on figuring out why a laptop (Samsung NC20 netbook) with VX800 chipset does not resume from standby very well. Although not the same model, I have known for some time that VIA EPIA-M830 mainboard suffers from the same issue. After spending 4 to 5 hours straight on it, I found an okay solution that works most of the time. Here is the patch. I will post about this issue later.


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