Status of OpenChrome Project (June / July 2018)

I missed reporting the status of OpenChrome Project for June 2018, so I will make it up, and combine it with the July 2018 edition.

Ever since I started to work on developing ATI Technologies RAGE 128 graphics stack, inevitably, the time dedicated to developing OpenChrome graphics stack went down quite a bit.  I must admit that I am personally pretty bad at handling multiple tasks, so as a result, vast majority of the time went into working on RAGE 128 graphics stack, particularly xf86-video-r128 (RAGE 128 DDX).  You can verify this from RAGE 128 DDX commit log.

Anyway, I still managed to get a few things done with OpenChrome.  I helped figure out why standby resume was not working properly on Samsung NC20 netbook when Xubuntu 18.04 is used.  Also, I managed to fix VGA display issue of ECS VX900-I and VIA Embedded VE-900 mainboards when VGA and HDMI are both connected.  Furthermore, I found a remedy for VIA Embedded EPIA-M830 not restoring the display properly after standby resume.  OpenChrome DRM got the fix, but have not committed the fix for OpenChrome DDX yet due to personal laziness.  Please note that VIA Embedded EPIA-M830 still suffers from a different standby resume issue (complete freeze), and I do not think it is OpenChrome related (OpenChrome DDX and DRM are both affected).

I auctioned off VIA Embedded EPIA-M800 mainboard in June, but unfortunately, it got destroyed during transit (USPS Priority Mail).  There was a hole that penetrated even the VIA Embedded box inside a USPS Priority Mail flat rate box, and badly damaged the mainboard. If the seller packed the box better, that might have saved the mainboard.  It was insured, so I got the money back.  I was hoping to test its integrated DVI transmitter (some early revisions of VX800 chipset contained a TMDS transmitter to support DVI), but it may never happen.

The last item to report is that I restarted the development of GEM / TTM memory allocator code.  I hope to put more time into developing OpenChrome next month.


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