Status of legacy graphics stack development project (June / July 2018)

Similar to what I usually do with OpenChrome Project, I will start giving end of the month summary of what happened with what I will call, “legacy graphics stack development project.”  For now, this will mainly mean ATI Technologies RAGE 128, but it will likely expand into other devices down the road.

In June, I decided to start working on ATI Technologies RAGE 128.  This was due to RAGE 128 having good technical documentation and the device driver has limited device support scope.  Some time in early July, I was able to commit code myself.  At the present time, I am focused on code refactoring (mainly initialization code) and fixing standby resume.  I am starting to learn how the EXA code works in order to figure out why the EXA code renders some junk on the screen sometimes.

In addition to that, I went ahead and released xf86-video-r128 Version 6.11.  It fixes a bug that causes some RAGE 128 Pro models to output out of range signal to the monitor.  At this rate, I think it will take several months before I can fix one significant bug of RAGE 128 DDX.


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