Got the initial version of TTM memory allocator for OpenChrome DRM working

It took me about 5 to 6 days to figure out what was wrong with the code, but I am happy to report that the initial implementation of TTM memory allocator for OpenChrome DRM appears to be working okay.  I have not gone through all the tests I should be doing at this point, but at least it is working on my HP 2133 mini-note.  I booted my usual Xubuntu 16.04.5 LTS 32-bit and now the code can start up the X Server properly.  Of course, standby resume is also working fine (A small unrelated bug with FP detection right after standby resume still exists in the code, but I have not encountered this yet).  I expect it will take another week or two to properly clean up the code for the commit push into the upstream repository.


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