Currently working on OpenChrome DRM atomic mode setting for cursor plane

Since XDC 2019 (X.Org Developer’s Conference 2019) is coming up in about 3 weeks, I am trying to make major progress in the development of OpenChrome DRM.  Although code commit will likely done much later, I am getting ready to try atomic mode setting code for cursor plane.  I still have to write the callback for atomic_disable, but hopefully this will be done in a day or two.  As for primary plane (i.e., frame buffer), I have not converted the code to support atomic mode setting yet.  It is still stuck with universal plane implementation.  While the universal plane implementation is considered an upgrade over the “legacy” KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) implementation, as far as DRM maintainers are concerned, it is still a “legacy” implemention.  The lack of support for atomic mode setting is pretty much the only technical reason why OpenChrome DRM is not in the mainline Linux kernel tree.


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