Secured at least one Lightning Talk presentation slot for X Developer’s Conference 2019

XDC 2019 (X.Org Developer’s Conference 2019) is coming up in less than a month.  Although I originally requested 2 half time presentation slots to give updates on OpenChrome Project and my other “vintage” graphics revival project, it appeared that there were other more important presentations other developers wanted to give, so my proposal for 2 half time presentation slots were turned down.  Considering the proposed topics other developers are going to discuss, I was not terribly surprised with the let down.  Anyway, Lightning Talk session was still open, so I applied for 2 presentation slots, and both were proved.  The only problem now is, the organizers want me to combine the 2 presentations slots into a single slot.  Since one Lightning Talk slot goes for only 5 minutes, so I feel like this is pretty tough request coming from them.


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