OpenChrome DRM with the new TTM memory allocator is now able to boot Xubuntu 16.04.6 reliably

It took close to 2 months to stabilize the code, but I finally figured out why OpenChrome DRM with the new TTM memory allocator was not working correctly all the time.  I did announce that I got the code working back in January here, but after further testing, it turns out the buggy version of the code was able to boot the OS only approximately 1/7 of the time.  Rest of the time, the OS will not boot (i.e., it gets stuck).  Obviously, this is not at the acceptable reliability level for the code to get pushed into the upstream repository.

Because of the difficulty I faced in getting the code working properly, I spent most of my development time in February working with other projects like eliminating compilation warnings from underserved DDXs (here, here, here, and here) and releasing X.Org X Server 1.19.7 (here).  Figuring out how to install the compiled X Server and packaging the code was really difficult due to various bugs in the scripts and the lack of resources on how to do such a thing.

I came back to working on the OpenChrome DRM’s new TTM memory allocator after I got X Server 1.19.7 released.  I am still not done with the code.  I still have to clean up the code by jettisoning unnecessary portions, but at least I have a clear path towards getting the code into the upstream repository.





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