Regarding the rewrite of GEM / TTM memory allocator

Some of you who have been monitoring the development of OpenChrome graphics stack may have noticed the slow down in the development over the past few months.  To be honest, there were some personal reasons for this, but I will not want to go into details.  The other reason why the development pace has slowed down is due to myself forcing to work solely on the new GEM / TTM memory allocator as discussed in this blog post.  I am working on this matter slowly since I am trying to understand what the code will be doing before I write the code.


OpenChrome DRM drm-next-4.20 branch is working again

Last month, I posted 2 posts (here and here) on this blog regarding the state of OpenChrome DRM drm-next-4.20 branch.  Although I initially suspected I2C bus helper service to be the suspect, after some testing, I started to suspect something within the DRM core was causing the issue.  Unfortunately, I was not able to track down the suspect commit of DRM core even though I did try several times.

I tried Linux 4.19 rc2 from DRM subsystem repository several weeks ago, but that did not resolve the issue.  I just tried Linux 4.19 rc5 from DRM subsystem repository now, and this time around, OpenChrome DRM is working again!  Basically, I had to live with the bleeding edge of OpenChrome DRM not working for about 2 1/2 months.  It was really frustrating when someone else causes a problem that I have little control over it, but I am happy I am now out of this long tunnel.